Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude 1

Everywhere you look, people are expressing their gratitude.  It’s uplifting to see ribbons tied on trees, signs in windows, and chalk messages on the sidewalk.  In my neighbourhood the children have been painting rocks with positive messages on them and they leave them in the most surprising spots for people to find throughout their day.  And of course during this time of Covid 19 we are expressing our appreciation for all of the healthcare workers and other essential services workers who are keeping us safe, fed and provided for.  When we show our appreciation we are conveying our gratitude for something that someone did for us or for our greater community.

Expressing our thanks is fairly simple and most of us were taught that saying thank you is just good manners. However, communicating we are grateful and telling people how their words or action affected us is a little bit harder.  Why?  Because we have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable which stirs up feelings of being powerless, unprotected, or exposed.  Sharing what is in your heart and soul doesn’t have to be scary though, and it’s a skill you can develop, gradually by taking small steps.  

Perhaps instead of telling your sister ”thanks” for meeting you for lunch, you can elaborate a bit on why you are thankful.  Maybe you’ve been feeling down or stressed and this lunch was just what you needed.  Or maybe you talked about something that you needed to get off your chest and you appreciate that your sister is such a good listener.

We all need affirmation that we are cared for and appreciated from time to time so flex that gratitude muscle, dig deep for some courage, and share how someone has recently affected your day.  Tell them you’re grateful and tell them why!. When someone shares with you how your presence has made their day better, you can’t help but to feel your spirit lifted.