Graduation season is almost upon us and parents everywhere are frantically helping their daughters look for the perfect dress, hopefully one that won’t have them seeking out a second mortgage too!

Graduation is a very important time whether you child is leaving Kindergarten, Middle School, High school, or College. It is a time for them to reflect on how much they have matured and learned, and to look forward to what they want out of the next stage of their life. It is a rite of passage for so many, not just an end of something, but the beginning of a new chapter in life.

This is the perfect opportunity to write a Soul Letter for your son or daughter and express how proud you are of them and what qualities they have that will see them through this next challenge. Remind them of how far they have come already and how much they have grown and matured along the way. Point out specific tools or lessons that they have already learned and give them your best advice for the future.

Transitioning to a new phase of life can be exciting but it can also pretty intimidating and scary too. Your Soul Letter can give your child the boost of confidence they need and inspire them to reach even greater heights as they move into the next stage of their lives.

If finding the right words is difficult for you, then our Soul Letters Workbook can help you achieve this important task. The workbook shows you how to break the letter down into 3 important sections and will help you find the perfect words to congratulate and inspire your new graduate. Our easy to follow step by step instructions and extensive word lists will help you write a beautiful and affirming letter so if you need help, please visit our Shop at