mother and daughter reading a Soul Letter

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there is no better time than now to share some heartfelt words with that special woman who raised you, supported you, and encouraged you all these years.

Remember when, as children,  we would make a special gift or card for mom on Mother’s Day?  Those hand made gifts were cherished because we took the time and effort to personalize it and add our own creative flair.  Well, it turns out that the sweater or flowers we bought her last year just doesn’t have the same impact!  Mom’s treasure anything that comes from the heart and as an adult you don’t have to buy her an expensive gift to impress her.  What she will appreciate the most is your time and your memories.

Here are some ideas for personalized gifts for Mother’s Day

* Make a memory box and fill it with memories written on small pieces of paper, add photos or other keepsakes.

Memory Box

Taste of Home – Memory Box

* Scrapbooking is very popular and easy to do.  Put together your favourite memories for a very special gift.


Creating Daily Joys – Scrapbook

* Turn a Mason jar into a special gift by adding notes about your memories or words of thanks.  Then decorate the jar any way you like.

* Write a letter to your Mother that expresses how much of an impact she has made on you, what you love about her, and what special qualities she has.  If you need some help writing an affirming letter then check out our Soul Letters Workbook in our shop.

What ever you decide on, you know she will cherish it because you have put your heart and soul into creating something personal this Mother’s Day!