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Soul Letters Workbook Cover PageThe Soul Letters Workbook

Writing a Soul Letter for a loved one is a very special gift but it is an undertaking that can be overwhelming for many people. Professional writers and motivational speakers are practiced at finding the right words and sentiment to express emotion, yet most of us struggle with how to translate our feelings into words.

Writing from your soul can make you feel very vulnerable and exposed to criticism.  If you are worried about sharing your feelings, you might find it helpful to imagine yourself as the receiver of a soul letter.  Visualize how it would feel to read about the positive ways that you have impacted someone’s life, to have that validation, and know that you have made a difference.  Imagine having that comfort and understanding that you are loved for your uniqueness.  Realizing that your letter will bring that kind of reassurance and affirmation to your loved one can inspire you to work through the difficulty you might have in expressing your love and appreciation.

To help people write their Soul Letters, we have developed a workbook that simplifies this important endeavor.  The workbook breaks the letter down into three sections: How the person has impacted your life, What qualities, characteristics, and virtues the person has, and What you dream or hope for their future.  By answering a few multiple choice questions and choosing words from our descriptive word lists, you will easily find the right words that clearly communicate how you feel.  The last step in the workbook will show you how to compile all of those words into a beautiful Soul Letter.

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