Welcome to the official site of Soul Letters!  This is a Social Enterprise with the dream of creating a movement that has no cultural, race, denomination, gender, or monetary limitations.  Writing a Soul Letter is something that every person can and should do, but first let me explain what a soul letter is…

A soul letter is a sincere and heartfelt letter that you write for a loved one or dear friend.  It expresses:

What a Soul Letter is

In an era of instant communication through venues such as Email, Text, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat, the art of communicating with our friends and loved ones has changed drastically.  Instead of writing a meaningful letter we now tweet what we had for breakfast in 140 characters or less!

It saddens me when I walk into a café and see people sitting across from each other staring at their smart phone screens.  Parents are texting their kids instead of hollering up the stairs when dinner is ready, and those same kids take their plates to sit in front of the TV or to their bedrooms instead of sitting at the table as a family.  It seems that as more ways of communicating become available, the ability to communicate how you feel is being lost.

Professionals and researchers in palliative care relate that one of the Top 5 Regrets of patients with a terminal illness is that they didn’t express how much a loved one has meant to them.  Top 5 is pretty high up there!  As a society this is something that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

Email is a great tool for sharing information and touching base, however the writing and receiving of letters will always offer an experience that modern technology can’t replicate.  Yes you can still construct a heartfelt message using today’s technology, but if that message is never held in someone’s hand, or stored safely in a box, drawer, or scrapbook, then the meaningfulness of that letter can be lost.  Future generations will never feel the emotion that you poured into that letter unless you leave them a list of your passwords or a file location on the cloud.  A physical letter can be cherished and reread any time and it can inspire and comfort the recipient for many years to come.  If you are not able to physically hand-write the letter, then by all means use whatever technology helps you achieve this important task, but be sure to print it out and sign your letter so that the recipient will forever have this personal connection to you.