Emotions under the surface

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer or any other possibly terminal illness, your world changes in an instant. The realization that we could lose this person is devastating but we do our best to stay positive for the sake of our loved one; we don’t want them to think we’ve lost hope.

This is something that my family is experiencing right now. My father is currently receiving some drug trials with his chemo treatments to try and slow down the progress of lung cancer. We don’t know if the treatments will help.  We don’t know if they will make him weaker. My dad just wants to beat this disease, he’s not done living yet, and so as a family we are joining the battle and staying positive. There are things I want desperately to tell him, and a Soul Letter is rattling around in my brain, but I’m afraid that he’ll view the letter as a symbol that I am giving up on him.

So how do you write and give a Soul Letter to someone with a terminal illness, without hurting or discouraging them? With honesty. Explain to them that you will be there to support them and are praying for a speedy recovery, but that this experience had brought up a lot of emotions and made you realize how important they are to you. Tell them that you don’t want to wait another day to express your love and appreciation.

Most patients at this stage have the same fears, realizations, and emotions that you are experiencing. Don’t be afraid to let them know you are shaken by all of this, they are feeling the same thing, and giving them your Soul Letter may open up an opportunity for them to express their turbulent emotions too.

When you share what is in your heart and do it with honesty and love it is a very special gift. Don’t let your fears or worries stop you from doing this important thing for your loved one. By presenting them with your Soul Letter, you will be creating a very sincere and touching moment and a memory you will cherish forever.